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Penza State University

Penza State University is a modern university, developing at a fast pace, yet retaining its time-honored traditions. It is a comprehensive university, educating economists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers, administrators, and researchers. The biggest university of the region, it attracts the most talented students and teaching staff. Out of 23500 students, studying at the university now, many will reach the top in their professional career, as previous generations have done during its 70-year history.

The university has come a long way, from a three-faculty institute to a large university of high rank. Achieving and sustaining academic and research excellence will always remain at the heart of its fundamental values.The history of the university goes back to July 1943, when an industrial institute was moved from Odessa, occupied by the Nazi army, to Penza. Since those times the study process in PSU has never been paused or stopped.

2012 was a crucial year in university history. Penza State University merged with Penza Pedagogical University thus becoming the major university of the region. The Ministry of Education and Science of the RF rated the university as the best in the region.

More than 23 500 students are enrolled at the university now. University activities contribute greatly to the growth of intellectual elite of the region and overall social and economic development.University teaching staff has largely been formed by talented graduates. University researchers made valuable contributions to Russian scientific growth. There are 1400 university teaching staff, 58% are associate professors and 12% are full professors.

University merits have been awarded several times by important committees. The university has gold medal awards "European Quality" in nomination "100 best universities in Russia. In 2010 it earned the prestigious awards at the competition "Best Universities of the Volga Federal Region" and "National Quality Mark".

Penza State University is made up of:

  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of History, Languages and Literature
  • Faculty of Sport and Physical Training
  • Law Faculty
  • Faculty of Economics and Administration
  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Machine Building and Transport
  • Faculty of Instrument Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies
  • Faculty of Power Energy, Nanotechnology and Radioelectronics
  • Medical Institute
  • Institute of Military Training

The University also includes various scientifican deducation alcenters that provide either the courses of additional education or implementin novation projects, thus ensuring the integration of education, science and production.

Post-Graduate Studies
Post-graduate studies are conducted in more than 80 courses, full-time and part-time. The courses usually last 3-4 years, with a research thesis defended at the end of the study.There are two levels of post-graduate studies. The first can be done after receiving a master or a specialist degree, the research students study for an academic title of PhD or Candidate of Science. The second can be done after receiving a PhD/Candidate of Science degree and the academic title awarded is Doctor of Science.

Academic terms
The period of study at bachelor degree programs is 4 years, master degree programs - 2 years, specialist degree - 5 years.
Academic year lasts from the 1st September till 31st August.
Admission of foreign students and study process assistance is carried out by the Institute of International cooperation.

The university has a 280 000 m2 campus with 18 academic buildings comprising lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and computer classrooms. There is an extensive science library with electronic catalogue and electronic records of university science publications. Other facilities include three assembly halls and a conference hall, canteens and cafes, medical aid posts and a hospital, a swimming pool and several gyms.

7 halls of residence provide accommodation for 3200 students. Total area of these halls covers 23 000 m2. The halls of residence boast excellent conditions for living and study, recreation and sport activities.

Educational Excellence
Penza State University is a comprehensive educational establishment offering diverse education. State-of-the-art educational technologies, vast number of academic courses, multi-level educational system - all these factors contribute to the university's leading position in the regional market in terms of the quality of education.

Research and Development
Fostering research is one of university's strategic goals. It has become a tradition that not only acclaimed scientists but students and post-graduate students as well are engaged in university research. Research and innovation topics are part of priority research fields in science and technology in the RF.

Learn Russian with us!

Preliminary Training
Students who come to study at Penza State University should not be afraid of language barriers. Students without any knowledge of Russian are first enrolled for the Preliminary Training Course.
Here, the students learn both the Russian language and general subjects. There are four major profiles of study: Humanities, Economic, Linguistic, Biomedical and Technical. The choice of profile depends on chosen undergraduate studies .




Russian Language, Literature, Country Studies, Social Sciences, History, IT


Russian Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences, History, Economics, IT


Russian Language, Literature, Country Study, IT


Russian Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, IT


Russian Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry Basics, IT

The instruction is held in Russian. From basic Russian students are taken to higher levels of language proficiency. Students also learn elements of academic and professional language, which will be vital for their success during further studies.
Classes start in the period from September,1st - December,1st.
Classes comprise 8-10 people.

At the end of the course students are required to take final examinations: in Russian and other subjects studied during the course.

Penza State University
Institute of International Cooperation

Office 3-209, building 3.
40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia

Director: Meshcheryakova Olga Viktorovna

Workhours: Monday - Friday from 9.00 to 18.00
Tel.: (8412) 36-84-64; (8412) 54-83-86; (8412) 54-85-64
Fax: (8412) 36-84-64,

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