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The Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov

The university was founded in 1906. Then, at the Moscow University for Women was created by the medical faculty. Then the transformed courses in the 2nd Moscow State University, from which in 1930 stood out independently of the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute. In 1956 it was named after Nikolai Pirogov (1810-1881), a prominent Russian surgeon and anatomist. On November 28, 1966 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR awarded the institute of Order of Lenin. On November 5, 1991 order of the RSFSR Council of Ministers gave the institute its current name.

Department of Foreign Students Teaching

In 1963 in Russian State Medical University a Department of Foreign Students Teaching was formed. Since 1990 there is also a department for preliminary education for foreign citizens. A citizen of any foreign country who has secondary education can come to Moscow and enter into contract with RSMU for any medical course of study. The Diploma of the Russian State Medical University graduate is recognized in the whole world. Over 3000 specialists for more than 70 world states graduated from the faculty for foreign students. They work in their home countries and are thankful to the University. We intend to broaden this sphere in the university activities year in year out.


Contact information:
Adress: Ostrovitianov str. 1, Moscow, Russia, 117997 
Tel: +7 (495) 434-1044


Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University offers a course of studies on medical and psychological major as well as on social work. One can get higher education at the university at the expense of the Russian Federation budget (free of charge if it's the first education being acquired), at the expense of Moscow government (free of charge with the obligation to work on Moscow Health Treatment department assignment after graduation in Moscow establishments for general health for 3 years) and also on a contract basis (charged).




Period Of Study

Clinical Medicine









1 Medical Biophysics



Medical Cybernetics






Faculty of advanced medical studies (FAMS)

Faculty of advanced medical studies (FAMS) of RSMU was opened in 1977. It was the first in the USSR and in RSFSR faculty of advanced medical studies at the Medical University.

During the years of the faculty existence over 140 thousand specialists of various specializations from Moscow, Moscow region, Soviet Union and Russian Federation cities, towns and regions, CIS states studied within the postgraduate education program. The course of studies is carried out at 54 clinical bases located in medical establishments for general health in Moscow, Tula, Medical and Federal subordination preventive treatment facilities, RAMS, Ministry of health treatment and social development research institutes of the Russian Federation.  Currently, advanced studies on 43 medical majors within 197 program courses on subject and general advanced studies are carried out. The faculty counts more than 200 university employees, 80% of which have Doctors' degree and degree of an associate professor.

Postgraduate course

For training teaching and scientific staff we conduct training in the postgraduate course (3 years of training in the following 62 specialties):

Chemistry sciences

1. Organic chemistry
2. Bioorganic chemistry

Biological sciences

3. Biophisics
4. Molecular biology
5. Biochemistry
6. Microbiology
7. Physiology
8. Genetics
9. Ecology
10. Histology, cytology, cellular biology
11. Molecular genetics
12. Biology of development, embryology
13. Systematic analysis, management (biological sciences).

Medical sciences
14. 0bstetrics and Gynecology
15. umn anatomy
16. Endocrinology
17. ENT diseases
18. Internal diseases
19. Cardiology
20. Hygiene
21. diseases
22. Pediatrics
23. Infectious diseases
24. Drmtlg and venereal diseases
25. Nervous diseases
26. 0ncology
27. Pathologic anatomy

28. Pathologic physiology
29. Psychiatry
30. Radial diagnostics, radial therapy
31. Toxicology
32. Stomatology
33. Traumatology and orthopedics
34. Forensic medicine
35. Pharmacology, clinical medicine
36. Phthisiology
37. Surgery
38. Epidemiology
39. Chemotherapy and antibiotics
40. Aviation, cosmic and naval medicine
41. Children surgery
42. Allergology and immunology
43. Anesthesiology and resuscitation
44. Rheumatology
45. Urology
46. Transplantology and artificial organs
47. Pulmonology
48. Cardiovascular surgery
49. Narcology
50.Clinical laboratory diagnostics
51. Gastroenterology
52. Nephrology
53. Rehabilitation, remedial gymnastics, sport medicine, balneology and physiotherapy
54. Social medicine.

Psychological sciences
55.General psychology, psychology of person, history of psychology
57.Medicinal psychology
58.Pedagogical psychology
59.Psychology of development, acmeology.

Sociological sciences
60. Theory, methodology and the history of sociology
61. Social structure, social institutions and processes
62.Sociology of  management

Clinical Internship and Clinical Residency

After graduation from the University and getting the degree of Higher Education the final r student has to b certified as specialist. It m b realized in either in clinical Intership (1 r of training) clinical residency (2 years of training).


Training in clinical Internship is provided in the following 18 specialties

1. Therapy
2. Surgery
3. Traumatology
4. Pediatrics
5. Neonatology
6. Children Surgery
7. Obstetrics and Gynecology
8. Neurology
9. Otolaryngology

10. Ophthalmology
11. Phtysiology
12. Infectious diseases
13. Emergency service
14. Psycl1iatry
15. Forensic medicine
16. Pathology
17. Roentgenology
18. Clinical and Laboratory diagnostics.

h training in clinical residency is provided in 51 specialties

1. Obstetrics nd Gynecology
2. Allergology and Immunolg
3. Anesthesiology and resuscitation
4. Rehabilitation mdiin
5. Gastroenterology
6. mtlg
7. Genetics
8. Drmtlg
9. Children oncology
1 0.Children surgery
11. Children endocrinology
13.Infection diseases
15. Clinical laboratory diagnostics
16.Clinical hrmlg
17.Laboratory genetics
18.Remedial gymnastics and sport medicine
19. Manual therapy
23.General physician practice (family mdiin)
24. 0ncology
25. 0rganization of health service and social health

26. 0tolaryngology
27. 0phthalmology
28. Pathology
29. Pediatrics
30. Professional pathology
31. Psychiatry
32. Psychiatry - narcology
33. Psychotherapy
34. Pulmonology
35. Radiology
36. Rheumatology
37. Roentgenology
38. Reflexotherapy
39. Stomatology surgical
40. Forensic medicine
41. Therapy
42. Traumatology and orthopedics
43. Ultrasound diagnostics
44. Urology
45. Physiotherapy
46. Phtysiology
47. Functional diagnostics
48. Surgery
49. Maxillofacial surgery
50. Endocrinology.

Health promotion, physical training and sport

In 1971 on the Volga bank near Konakovo town sports and health camp "Konakovo" was built, where 200 students and university employees can enjoy themselves during winter and summer time. There is a well-equipped beach, gym, sports grounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis at their disposal. The cost is not very high and it is partially paid by students and employees trade unions.

Students' leisure time can contribute to their health improvement.  A modern sports complex of about 6 thousand sq. m. with three play gyms, a range of sports equipment halls and gyms for sports groups is at students RSMU employees' service. Due to a great variety of sports groups everybody can choose one to his/her liking.

Annually our sportsmen-students participate in more than 100 various competitions. In many sports they become champions of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, win medal places.


RSMU library is university's peer. First note in the registration book is dated September 6, 1906. In the beginning private individuals' collection of books, who were doctors and scientists P.N.Bokov, N..Sechenov and others, formed the library literary assets of the medical faculty of the higher course for women.

In the present time library assets comprise over 750 thousand items. Only this year various library attendants were given 1061586 books. Over 15 years there have been a Department of newest library technologies with two bibliographical databases - Medline "Russia medicine". They contain information since 1989. This year it is intended to increase computing stock up to 80-100 items to provide the attendants with better information service and guarantee their needs satisfaction.

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