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Tambov State Technical University

Tambov State Technical University is considered to be one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Central Region of Russia. The University was founded in 1958. More than 40000 specialists have been trained at the University during 55 years. Many University graduates head large industrial enterprises, work for administration authorities, including the federal government.

TSTU comprises 9 faculties and 50 departments with a total number of 7,000 students. The University is located in 8 educational buildings. It has a library, 4 students' hostels, 4 canteens, a policlinic for students and academic staff.

The sports complex of the university includes:

  • an indoor stadium for 1000 seats with a football ground, 400 meters multilane racetrack, sectors for discus and javelin throwing, sectors for high and broad jumps;
  • 3 open-air sports grounds for sports games;
  • complex of sports and fitness halls with a total area of 2120 sq.meters;
  • training and sports complex with an indoor 25 meters swimming pool. The swimming pool has the newest filtration system with a water ionization and a special space for gymnastics.

The ballet dancing studio "Rainbow Colours" is very popular among students, they attend dancing classes. The most talented dancers participate in international competitions.

Training of International Students

One of the key directions of TSTU international activity is training of international students.

More than 450 international students from Europe, Asia, Africa and America study at TSTU (there are students from 50 countries). Since 1994 more than 1,600 international students have studied at the University.

The experienced teachers and the staff for the University assist international students with all day-to-day issues and help them to make the passage from their home country to Russia as smooth as possible.

The Faculty of International Education was founded in 1994.

The Faculty offers the following programs:

Pre-University Program for International Students (10 months)

The Program consists of two terms. At the beginning the students receive intensive training in the Russian language, the second term focuses on introduction to subjects, which students are going to learn (technical sciences, economics, etc.) Having received the certificate of program completed, students are eligible for admission to the universities of the Russian Federation.

Students study in groups of 5-6 people. Language laboratories with audio and video aids, electronic textbooks are used in the training process.

Intensive Russian Language Course (1-6 Months)

Types of courses:

  • General Russian, history and culture of Russia;
  • Business Russian.

Intensive course covers Russian phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing. Our unique teaching methods ensure you'll learn quickly. You will begin speaking Russian from the very first day of class!

The courses are organized at 3 levels:

  • Elementary (Level 1);
  • Intermediate (Level 2);
  • Advanced (Level 3).

Cultural programme includes: Tambov sightseeing, visits to theatres or a concert hall, excursions to historical sights of the Tambov region.

Bachelor's degree programs (4 years) and Master's degree programs (2 years after Bachelor's degree):

    022000 Ecology and Nature Management
    030900 Law (Jurisprudence)
    031600 Advertising and Public Relations
    080100 Economics
    080200 Management
    080500 Information Systems in Business
    100100 Service
    100700 Commercial Business
    110800 AgroEngineering
    140100 Heat-Power Engineering and Heating Engineering
    140400 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering
    150100 Material Engineering and Material Technology
    150700 Mechanical Engineering
    151000 Technological Machines and Equipment
    151900 Construct-Technological Provision of Machine Building Productions
    152200 Nanoengineering
    190600 Operation of Transport Technological Machines and Complexes
    190700 Transport Processes Technology
    201000 Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
    210100 Electronics and Microelectronics
    210400 Radio Engineering
    210700 Info-Communication Technologies and Communication Systems
    211000 Designing and Technologies of Radio-Electronic Means
    220100 System Analysis and Management
    220400 Management in Technical Systems
    221000 Mechatronics and Robotics
    221400 Quality Management
    222000 Innovation
    222900 Nanotechnologies and Microprocessor Engineering
    230100 Informatics and Computer Engineering
    230400 Information Systems and Technologies
    230700 Applied Computer Science in Jurisprudence
    240100 Chemical Technology
    240700 Biotechnology
    241000 Energy-Efficient and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology
    260100 Production of Vegetable Foodstuff
    261700 Printing and Packing Production Technology
    270100 Architecture
    270800 Construction
    271101 Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures
    271502 Construction, Maintenance, Renewal and Technical Protection of Roads, Bridges and Tunnels
    280700 Technospheric safety

Tuition fees and other expenditures (per 1 year):

Pre-university program

63000 Russian roubles (around 2100 USD)

Bachelor Degree programs

63320 -118160 Russian roubles (around 2100 - 4000 USD)

Master Degree programs

70600-128500 Russian roubles (around 2300- 4300 USD)

PhD programs

Economical, pedagogical, historical, philological sciences - 72100 Russian roubles (around 2400 USD)
Physical-mathematical, technical sciences - 80200-128300 Russian roubles (around 2700- 4300 USD)


14000-25000 Russian roubles (around 470- 830 USD)

Medical insurance

4000 Russian roubles (about 135 US Dollars)


Tambov was founded in 1636. The population of the city is about 300,000 people. Tambov is situated about 450 km from Moscow. Average temperature in winter is -10˚С, in summer is +20˚С. The average cost of leaving is $250 per month. Tambov is a quiet and very beautiful modern city, it has all conditions for quality education.

Tambov State Technical University
Faculty of International Education
106 Sovetskaya Str.
Tambov, Russia 392000
Tel/Fax : (007 4752) 632024
E-mail: ,

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