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Kalmyk State University

Kalmyk State University is the largest and leading university located in Elista, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia. Founded in 1970 nowadays the University is the oldest and largest center of higher education in Kalmykia.

Up to date, there are about 8897 students studying in the Kalmyk State University.

KalmSU plays a crucial role in training and retraining of specialists for various economy branches as well as in revival of the Kalmyk language and culture.

Kalmyk State University organizes scientific forums, international and all-Russian conferences dedicated to the problems of ecology, humanitarian research, higher and secondary education, Mongolian studies and Oriental studies, ethnopedagogics, Buddhist culture and repressed people.


The University consists of 7 departments and 1 institute of Kalmyk philology and oriental studies. KalmSU offers 20 Bachelor's Programs, 13 Master's degree Programs, 18 secondary professional education programs.

There are two forms of studies: full-time and part-time.  Contemporary score-rating system contributes to objective assessment of the student work during the semester. The University has 12 scientific-educational centers, scientific library, and scientific-research laboratories.


Kalmyk State University is actively pursuing long-term international collaboration with universities and research centers of Asia, America and Europe. KalmSu is an active member of International Association of State Universities of the Caspian countries, bringing together 46 universities and research institutes of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran.

At present, 146 foreign students from 18 countries, as Benin, Congo, Mali, Ghana, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Germany, Lithuania, USA, are studying in the KalmSU.

Not only does the University have a long positive experience of preparatory education of the foreign students but also a great potential for the further development of such activities. Hence, in 2012 Course of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) was created.

Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL):

    Course of RFL 1st Certification Level (full-time course)
    (24 academic hours a week - 710 academic hours a month);
    Course of RFL 2nd Certification Level (full-time course)
    (24 academic hours a week - 710 academic hours a month);
    Course of RFL for Mongolian students of Mongolia State University (academic semester);
    Course of RFL for students of the Inner Mongolia University (10 months);

RFL Disciplines:

    Russian Language Grammar
    Oral Practice
    Business Course of RFL (evening classes)

Preparatory Course Programs:

    natural sciences;

After training participants take tests and then receive a document of completion of the RFL courses at KalmSU and 1st Level Certificate of RFL.

The Faculty of Preparatory Training of Foreign Students is developing dynamically, constantly improving the system of academic, extracurricular and educational works with students.


For the first time KalmSU organizes the Summer Language School from July, 1 - 27, 2013. Four-weeks programme is designed both for those who intend to start learning Russian and for those who wish to improve their Russian language skills. School programme includes intensive lessons (reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar), excursions and cultural programme, lections about Russian and Kalmyk cultures, macter classes of dancing and singing.


Kalmyk State University possesses 7 hostels, which can accommodate 1855 students. They have all necessary conveniences for living. Kalmyk State University provides four international dormitories, Dormitory N 2, Dormitory N6, Dormitory N7 and Dormitory N8.

Dormitory N2

Dormitory N2 can host 40 students. Dormitory N2 offers rooms for two or three students in a traditional corridor style with kitchen, bathroom and toilet on the floor. There is a conference hall, gym, restroom and access to the Internet.

Dormitory N7 / Dormitory N8

Dormitory N7 and Dormitory N8 can host 60 students. These dormitories offer double and triple rooms with semi-private baths. Bathroom facilities are connected to the suite and are shared by the flatmates. Rooms are fully furnished (beds, wardrobes, desks in the rooms, fully equipped kitchen).

Dormitory N6

Dormitory N6 is identical to Dormitories N7, N8 but it is oriented for family students.

Travel time from the dormitories to the teaching buildings of Kalmyk State University is 5 minutes walk or 15 minutes by bus (cost 12 rubles).


358 000, Pushkin st., 11, Elista, Russian Federation
The head of the Office of International Relations
Bolaeva Kermen
Tel./fax: +784722 23900
KalmSU official website:

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