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Udmurt State University

Udmurt State University (UdSU) is the largest research and education center of Udmurt Republic established in 1931, the year when the history of higher education began in Udmurt Republic. In 2011, the 80th anniversary year, the one hundred thousandth graduate of the university was granted the Diploma of Higher Education. In the autumn of 2012 Udmurt State University became an award winner of the All-Russian Competition "Quality Assurance in Training Graduates at Educational Institutions of Professional Education" and was included in the top list of successful tertiary institutions of the Russian Federation.

Udmurt State University is a full member of the following associations:

    European University Association (EUA),
    Eurasian University Association,
    International Association of Finno-Ugric Universities.


The mission of UdSU is to provide qualitative training of top-ranked specialists who will promote and forward intellectual, socioeconomic and cultural development of Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation.

Nowadays UdSU numbers 13 faculties and 8 institutes and over 950 academicians. 18650 students are studying with specialization in more than 80 specialties. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for those who pursue for Bachelor, Specialist and Master degrees in various study fields.



    Faculty of History
    Faculty of Philology
    Faculty of Udmurt Philology
    Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport
    Faculty of Sociology and Philosophy
    Faculty of Journalism
    Faculty of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes
    Institute of Arts and Design
    Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature
    Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Technologies
    Institute of Social Communications
    Institute of Law, Social Management and Security
    Institute of Economics and Management


    Faculty of Mathematics
    Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
    Faculty of Physics and Energetics
    Faculty of Geography


    Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering
    Faculty of Medical Biotechnology
    Institute of Oil and Gas


Inetrnationalisation of the Udmurt State University, the oldest university in the region, comprises the following forms of implementation:

    joint educational and research work within the framework of international projects and programmes;
    activity implemented within the framework of bilateral agreements concluded between UdSU and other universities or scientific and educational institutions;
    cooperation with international organizations;
    implementation of exchange programmes between universities.

Udmurt State University maintains partnership relations within the framework of 35 international agreements with the universities of CIS, Europe, Asia, and the USA. UdSU exchanges students and academic staff within the framework of bilateral agreements with the universities of Finland, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy.

Since 2011 UdSU jointly with the University of Granada has been implementing a joint study programme for gaining a double Bachelor degree in Philology.

Udmurt State University is a member of two international university consortia that are implementing Erasmus Mundus scholarship programme projects of the European Union: TRIPLE I (Integration, Institutions, and Interaction) and Aurora - Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education. These projects are aimed at developing academic mobility in partner universities and strengthening relationships between the universities.

For the period between 1993 and 2013 UdSU has participated in 15 projects of the TEMPUS programme; each project has significantly contributed to the internationalization of the university.

Udmurt State University
1, Universitetskaya str.,
426034, Izhevsk
Udmurt Republic
Tel: +7 (3412) 68-16-10

Source: UdSU

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