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Moscow State University of Printing Arts

The history of the University began in 1930, when the Moscow Printing Institute was organized on regulation of Central Executive Committee of Council of People's Commissars of USSR on the basis of printing faculties of Higher Art and Technical Institute; it received lecture rooms, offices, laboratories, printing equipment, library and hostels. The teachers and students of Higher Art and Technical Institute went to the new institute; the valuable scientific and educational traditions were not only cherished but also further developed.

The Moscow Printing Institute became the first educational institution which trains highly qualified personnel for printing companies and publishing houses, in a sense of a conversion center of home printing industry into an advanced industry. The magazine "Printing production" noted in 1930 that "the current year is to be expected as a determinative in manpower training for subsequent development of printing industry." The list of specialties has been always growing due to the development of new printing machines, information transfer media, solving of new scientific and technological problems, implementation of new printing methods. The MSUPA developed coupled with the Russian media industry.

Currently, the MSUPA is a large-scale educational and scientific center, one of the main technical universities of Russia in the field of media industry. The MSUPA disposes of training and research laboratories, lecture halls with modern equipment and technical training aids.

The educational process at the university is realized by 40 sub-faculties, the staff consists of highly qualified teachers: 66 percent of them have academic degrees, 17 percent have a degree of Doctor of Science, professor. At present, study about 6,000 students at the university. The budgetary admission makes over 500 people a year. At the university study 320 international students from foreign countries: Bulgaria, China, Germany, Iran, China, Korea, Mongolia, Syria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and others.

Recently, the retraining programs using distance learning technologies realized by the Institute of Open Education enjoy a wide popularity. The MSUPA realizes a large number of vocational training and retraining programs: more than 2000 industry professionals raise the level of their skills in the Center for Additional Education.

MAJORS (Specialty)

Faculty of print media technology

Bachelor course

    261700.62 - Technology of printing and packaging production

    221400.62 - Quality management

    151000.62 - Technological machinery and equipment

    150100.62 - Material science and technology of materials

    051000.62 - Professional training

Master course

    261700.68 - Technology of printing and packaging production

    221400.68 - Quality management

    151000.68 - Technological machinery and equipment

    150100.68 - Material science and technology of materials

Faculty of information technology and media systems

Bachelor course

    220700.62 - Automation of technological processes and production

    230100.62 - Information science and computer engineering

    230400.62 - Information systems and technologies

Master course

    220700.68 - Automation of technological processes and production

    230100.68 - Information science and computer engineering

    230400.68 - Information systems and technologies

Faculty of Economics and Management

Bachelor course

    080100.62 - Economics

    080200.62 - Management

    080500.62 - Business Informatics

Master course

    080100.68 - Economics

    080200.68 - Management

Faculty of publishing and journalism

Bachelor course

    035000.62 - Publishing

    031300.62 - Journalism

Master course

    035000.68 - Publishing

    031300.68 - Journalism

Faculty of advertising and public relations

Bachelor course

    031600.62 - Advertising and public relations

Master course

    031600.68 - Advertising and public relations

Faculty of graphical arts / art design of printed production

Specialist training program

    071002.65 - Graphics


An academic year for students consists of two semesters since the 1st of September and the 7th of February. The semester length is 5 months, including examinations. The winter vacation lasts from the 25th of January to the 6th of February. The summer vacation lasts from the 1st of July to the 31st of August. The post-graduate and doctoral educational programs as well as internship programs may begin at any time.


Scholarships are provided for foreign citizens in Russian universities by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in accordance with intergovernmental agreements currently in force. Foreign citizens should apply to their national Ministry of Education in order to receive these scholarships.

The MSUPA can admit foreign students to fee-based study in accordance with individual contracts or contracts with sending organizations. The tuition fees for international students of MSUPA are determined by the Academic Council of the university every year.


Teaching at the MSUPA is realized in Russian. Foreign students, who do not know or poorly speak Russian, have a good chance to study Russian in groups for language training during the first two years of study.


Foreign students of MSUPA are accommodated in hostels on the floors for foreign students. Secure hostel is located in a nine-storey building and has two-room units with bathroom and toilet in each unit. The rooms are designed for two or four people. The rooms are furnished with furniture, bed-clothes are provided. On each floor of the hostel there are common kitchen and lounge. The Internet connection is available at extra payment.


Address: 127550, Moscow, Pryanishnikova Street, 2A

Phone: +7 (499) 976-40-77

Phone of Entrance Examination: +7 (499) 976-78-57

Fax: +7 (499) 976-06-35


Website: (in Russian and English languages)

Source: Moscow State University of Printing Arts

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