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How We Live and Study in Russia by Bui Thi Thu Chang

I came to Russia and was accommodated in a dormitory. I think it's the best dormitory there. Why? It is very clean, quiet, pretty and cozy. Look! They have a lift to take you from ground floor to the ninth floor. I live on the ninth floor but it's no big deal, really. We often say 'the dorm is like a hotel', and it is true. The janitor is a kind but serious person. Besides, the dormitory is not far from the University. Have you ever heard of Tomsk Polytechnic University? This is where I study. It is one of the biggest Russian universities. TPU has 19 buildings where over 20,000 students study. IMO is my institute. It has a lot of foreign students who came from all over the world: China, Vietnam, Korea, France, etc. Even though we come from different countries, we all live and study in Tomsk. IMO has big and handsome classrooms and an Internet club. I am particularly pleased that our instructors are kind, hearty and conscientious people who are always ready to help us. Russia is a big country with great education system, especially when it comes to mathematics, physics and chemistry. My friends were anxious to study in Russia but they did not qualify. The problem of 'skinheads' and security has always been acute here. But rest assured, Tomsk is a very quiet place inhabited by very kind people. I think Tomsk is a nice place to live in. We live not far from the bazaar, which is a good place for grocery shopping. It was very cold this year but we managed it. One more thing… I love Russia and I love Tomsk!

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