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My Attitude to Russia by Wang Sing Jian

I have been living in Russia for seven months already. First of all, Russia is a great nation. I have learned a lot about the Russian language, the Russian people and the Russian traditions. I live in a town called Tomsk. It is a town where good people abound. When I came here I was a total stranger. My Russian was very poor but the people would always listen to me and show me the way to the stores, exchange offices, restaurants, etc. They have big avenues and a lot of beautiful buildings here although it is not an awfully big town. They say, Russia has a lot of trees, Tomsk surely does. That is why the air is very fresh here. In the stores it occurred to me that clothes and fruits are very expensive here. It must be the climate. The winter in Russia is almost 8 months long and bitterly cold months are these. If you don't wear a warm hat, the Russians will be very perplexed. They would recommend 'You better put on a warm hat or prepare to visit your doctor on a regular basis'. I wear my hair long and, therefore, I hate the hats. Still many people kept recommending me to reconsider my attitude and now I thank them all. In a couple of months I am going back to China, but I'm telling you - I love Tomsk and I love Russia.

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