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My Life in Russia by Hu Yui

I came to Russia last August. This is my first visit to Russia. This town appears to be quiet and not awfully thriving. However, there is an air of harmony and sincerity here. With its numerous institutes and universities, Tomsk is an ideal place for studies. I have been living here for over six months already. Being a foreigner is not much fun. There are things I can't seem to get used to. The food is problem No. 1. I just can't eat potato all the time, but potato, cabbage and meat are the main products here. Vegetables and fruits are scarce and very expensive in winter. Problem No. 2 is a short lunch break, it's just not enough for me to have my lunch, and this is really killing me - without lunch my concentration during the classes goes 'out to lunch', so to say. I go to the university every day and come back to the dormitory late in the afternoon. In the daytime I study various subjects at the university where there are all facilities available: good classrooms, big library, gymnasium, the club, the dining hall and, of course, fantastic instructors. They are very responsible and patient people who always answer our questions during the classes. In a nutshell, to be a TPU student and live in Tomsk is not a bad choice. In the pastime I enjoy sports and walking out with my friends. The LAN infrastructure here leaves much to be desired, because it is pretty hard to get in touch with my folks whom I naturally miss. Russians are very friendly and kind people. I recall this cold winter day when I forgot to put my warm hat on. On my way to the university an old man came up to me and remarked I should always wear warm hat in a cold weather like this, unless I wanted to have bad headaches. My classmates often help me with the studies. They are a lot of fun to hang around with and we laugh a lot during the breaks between the classes. A lot of Russian men and women are smokers. I fail to understand the popularity of smoking in Russia. Indeed, a lot of Chinese are smokers but not women. Maybe it is something about the different culture.

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