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Tomsk As I See It by Nguen Anh Thi

I would like to tell you about the people inhabiting Tomsk. My folks were very worried about my decision to go to Russia. They were thinking of a Vietnamese student killed in Moscow. But it was a dream of my childhood - to study abroad. My instructor Valeriy was the first person who met me in Russia. He brought me and other students to Tomsk. He made a lot of fun out of the trip and taught us our first phrases in Russian. At the university they taught us the sciences and the ways of life here. One day I was brought to the hospital. It was really funny to hear Sin Ciao (Vietnames for 'hi') on the way. Elder people treat us particularly well. My doctor would talk to me just like a Granny. Vietnamese students seldom meet bad young people. There are good people and bad people everywhere in the world. On the whole, the Russians and residents of Tomsk are very helpful. They treat us well and teach us many things. When I come back to Vietnam, I will keep fond memories of Tomsk and its people forever.

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