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How I Live and Study in Tomsk by Nguen Chong Nam

I came from Vietnam. Now I live in Tomsk and study at the TPU. My life in Tomsk is no different from Vietnam. Here I met a lot of people from all over the world and I found out a lot about different cultures. Tomsk is a town of students and a home to many foreign students. Being a TPU student, I go to the university every day - same as every other student. On weekends my friends and I enjoy ourselves downtown and in the campus garden. We know the history of Tomsk. They have autumn here. In Vietnam I knew only winter and summer. When autumn comes the leaves turn yellow. Late in the autumn they fall down from the trees. We all saw how beautiful it is. I just love it. Here we only study at the university and play football. This is all we do and that is the reason why we feel sad. In the summer some of us went to Vietnam and some students stayed here. We went to some other cities of Russia where we learned the history and some Russian legends. When winter comes to Tomsk the snow is very beautiful but later on the weather turns to freezing. When I first saw the snow, I loved it, but for the freezing weather. All in all, I live a quiet life in Tomsk.

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