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Because of a huge territiry the climate of Russia is multifarious. The most part of the Russian territory lies in the continental climate zone, the Arctic ocean islands and the northern continental regions are situated in the arctic and sub-arctic zones. The Black sea coast of the Caucasus is situated in a hot subtropical zone. The climate almost everywhere is continental, with cold winter and enduring blanket of snow and hot summer. The coldest place of the northern hemisphere (with the minimal January temperature up to -72º C) is the town of Oimyakon in the Eastern Siberia. In the south of the Far East the climate is temperate monsoon with average January temperatures from 0º to -5º C. The largest precipitation quantity falls in the Caucasus and the Altai (up to 2000 mm per year), the most droughty region is the Caspian plain (about 150mm per year).

The temperature for the current date you can learn here (available in Russian only).

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