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M.Gorky Samara Acadiic Drama Theatre
The Fountain in Leningradskaya
Samara State Technical University
The Philharmonic society building


Samara is a large Russian city on the high left bank of the river Volga in the bend of Samarskaya Luka, between mouths of the rivers Samara and Sok, the administrative center of Samara region.

During the Soviet period from January 27th, 1935 to January 25th, 1991 the city had the name of Kuybyshev, in honor of the Soviet state and party figure Valerian Kuybyshev.

Samara is one of the largest in Russia transport junctions. The shortest ways from the Central and Western Europe to Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan run through it.

The international airport Kurumoch, which takes the most of types of airplanes, serves Samara region.

Railway transportations are done by the Kuybyshev railway (Open Society "Russian Railways") and by the company "Tver express train".

"Samara river port " is the largest transport junction in the central Volga region of Russia. The geographical location of the port which borders upon a developed system of railways and highways, allows to provide effective transport communications with Ural, Siberia, Central Asia, areas of the Center and the North of the European part of Russia. As well the port has outlet to the zones of Volga-Kama and Volga-Don basins and the Baltic, the White, the Azov, the Black, the Caspian, the Mediterranean seas.

According to the information of the Ministry of Education and sciences of Samara region, 66 establishments of university level higher professional education work in the region.

Samara has rich cultural heritage. The well-known writer Alexey Tolstoy spent his childhood and youth in Samara. Maxim Gorky began his literary career in Samara; he worked in the "Samara newspaper". During the Civil war the well-known Czech writer Yaroslav Gashek worked in Samara. Famous artists Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov, Ivan Ayvazovskylived in the city. During the Great Patriotic war in Samara the great Seventh symphony of Dmitry Shostakovich. was performed for the first time. Recently well-known Russian writers, who had to leave the Native land during Soviet time - A.Solzhenitsyn, V. Aksyonov, V. Voinovich - have visited Samara.

Samara is proud of its inhabitants, our contemporaries. The name of the professor Georgy Lvovich Ratneris known in Russia and abroad. He is one of the leading world experts in the field of vascular surgery, the chairman of the Samara regional society of surgeons. Georgy Lvovich worked in clinics of Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Chicago, San Francisco, imparting his experience and skill. The rector of Samara State Medical University Alexandr Fyodorovich Krasnov is the founder of the Russian scientific and pedagogical school of traumatology and orthopedists. The general director and general designer of the Progress State Research and Production Space Center (TsSKB-Progress) Dmitry Ilyich Kozlov makes great contribution to development of space and rocket production. The rocket, which conveyed the first cosmonaut Jury Gagarin into the orbit of the Earth, was constructed at TsSKB-Progress with the assistance of Kozlov.




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