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Rostov-on-Don is a city in the south of Russia, the administrative center of Rostov region, the city of military glory. Since May 13th, 2000 it is the administrative center of Southern federal district.

It is located in the southeast of East European plain, mainly on the right bank of the river Don, at a distance of 46 km from its confluence into the sea of Azov. Southwest suburbs of the city adjoin the delta of the river Don (the Don's "throats").

Rostov-on-Don is one of the largest cities of the Russian Federation with the population of over one million people. The area of the city is 354, the distance between Rostov-on-Don and Moscow is 1226 km. It is the political, economic, cultural center of the southern region of Russia.

Being located on the right bank of the Don, at a distance of 65 km from its confluence into the sea of Azov, Rostov-on-Don is in the center of transport ways of the South of Russia, which provide outlet to the coasts of three seas - the Black sea, the sea of Azov, the Caspian Sea, and direct contacts with the whole of the European part of the CIS, Transcaucasia, the Near East and the Mediterranean. Till 1917 Rostov-on-Don by right was considered a city-merchant, being the third in Russia for external economic trading commodity circulation.

There is an international airport in the city. It provides air communication with many cities and settlements of the country, as well as with many countries of the world - Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, England, Bulgaria, Spain, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. About 500 flights yearly is made on the international lines.

The climate in Rostov-on-Don is moderate continental. Winters are soft; the medium temperature of January is 4.6 °C. Summers are hot, long, with prevalence of solar weather; the medium temperature of July is 23 °C.

For the recent years the structure of the city educational system has changed considerably. Educational establishments of the new type have been created; the Rostov teachers and lecturers work for the maximal approach of education to the realities of today's life.

The largest in the city institution of university level higher education is Rostov State University, rewarded with the order of Labour Red Banner. It was founded in 1915 on the basis of the Russian university evacuated from Warsaw. Later, pedagogical, financial and economic (nowadays - of national economy), medical institutes were founded on its basis.



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