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Oryol is the administrative center of Oryol region. It is located within the borders of Central Russian upland, on the bank of the river Oka and its inflow the Orlik (before 1784 - the Oryol) at a distance of 382 km to the southeast from Moscow.

The climate is moderate continental. The medium temperature of January is -9°C, of July -18°C.

Oryol is a large junction of railways (lines to Moscow, Kharkov, Riga, Voronezh). The highway Moscow-Simferopol passes through the city.

The hero of the Patriotic war of 1812 general A.P. Yermolov, writers I.S. Turguenev and L.N. Andreev, the historian T.N. Granovsky, the polar researcher V.A. Rusanov, the philologist and researcher of Mongolia A.T. Pozdnev, the surgeon P.I. Diakonov, the scientist in the field of hydraulics N.N. Pavlovsky, the architect I.A. Fomin were born and lived in Oryol. The life and creativity of the writers and poets A.A. Fet, I.A. Bunin, M.M. Prishvin were connected with Oryol region.

Oryol has an unofficial status - "The city of the first salute". In May 2007 the city got the rank "The city of military glory".




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