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The railway station

The museum of local lore, history and economy

The regional Drama theatre


Kaluga is a city in the central Russia, the administrative center of Kaluga region.

The population is about 341,3 thousand people. The city is located on the banks of the river Oka, at a distance of 190 km to the southwest from Moscow.

Kaluga is a large transport junction. It takes you
2 hours - by car
2,5 hours - by high-speed train
2,5 hours - by bus

to get to Kaluga from Moscow.

The Kaluga aerodrome is able to serve transport and passenger planes and helicopters of any type. The passenger landing stage on the river Oka provides the work of river transport.

First of all Kaluga is known for the founder of Russian cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who lived and worked in Kaluga from 1892 to 1935. For this reason Kaluga is often named the cradle of cosmonautics.

Kaluga is a city of high scientific potential. Science is developed in more than ten academic, educational and branch institutes and the organizations. K.E.Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State Pedagogical University is among them.

In 2007 "the Kaluga business-incubator" was founded. It realizes stimulation of enterprise activity of citizens on the creation of small enterprises of various fields of activity, first of all, of innovative orientation, as well as training students under the program "Business".

Every year more than 4000 specialists with university level higher education and more than 3000 specialists with non-university level higher education graduate from Kaluga institutions.




Kaluga on the map
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  • Testing RAF (Russian as foreign) in Kaluga
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