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Employment for foreign students Tsogu is real


Full-time students are eligible to receive a work permit outside of the quotas for foreign workers, tells FMS of Russia on the Tyumen region.

According to the changes in the Federal law on legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation No. 115 calendar. 13.4, foreign citizens, studying in RF full-time educational institutions, State-accredited, vested in separate legal status.

In accordance with the adopted amendments, foreign students can work in their free time in high school, in which they are enrolled (Lab technicians, admissions specialists, librarians, etc.), or to carry out work in during the holidays in any other organization. Note, that students can work only in the oil and gas of Tyumen region.

A work permit is issued for the term prisoner labour or civil law contract, but not more than 1 year. Validity period of the work permit can be repeatedly extended, but not more than 1 year for each extension.

To obtain a work permit, a foreign student grants to the territorial body of the federal migration service of Russia personally or through an Attorney:

1.An application for a work permit (form approved by order dated Fms 08.11.2013 No. 458);
2.Passport (notarized translation, a copy of all pages);
3.Migration map;
4.Help, confirming full-time training, issued by the educational institution on form (form approved by the FMS of Russia no. 687 of 18.12.2013);
5.Employment contract or civil law contract;
6.Receipt of payment of the State duty;
7.Medical certificate;
8.Power of Attorney in case of trustee.

Those wishing to obtain a work permit must submit an application in FMS of Russia on the Tyumen region at the address: St. Semakov, 25. For more advice you can contact the Center for international cooperation at the address Part: St. Of the Republic of, 47, KAB. 406 to a specialist Center Oksana Nikolaevna Skrauč.


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