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CONTEST for scientific research funding (grants) in 2015-2016


Dear colleagues,

Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS)
Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanitiesis announcing the CONTEST for scientific research funding (grants) in 2015-2016 in the following areas:

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of social and humanitarian sciences including institutional analysis, political and economic research, research of the processes of forming personal and group identity, social communications research, integrated political, legislative, social, economic and historical research;

  • Social computing research and other fields of synthesis of socio-humanities and computing sciences (high-tech social network research, cyberpsycology, cyberpolicy, computing linguistics, pattern recognition, artificial intellect, IT in education, informative systems of management, new media environments);

  • Cognitive and neurosciences, experimental psychology (fundamental and applied aspects);

  • Research and development in various fields of social technologies (applications of socio-humanitarian and related knowledge), including political technologies, management technologies, marketing technologies, advertising and public relations, creative technologies, forecasting technologies, social, managerial and institutional design technologies, educational technologies, including educating and socialization of digital generation: pscyho-pedagogical features, etc;

  • Research in the field of the synthesis of social-humanities and life sciences including ethology research, biopsychology, genetic and other biological factors influence on individual features and social behavior of a person;

  • Mathematical modeling of social, political, economic, neuropsycological, ecological and other complex systems and processes research;

  • Research in the Environment (environmental monitoring, energy efficiency and conservation, human ecology, study of the influence of factors of high-tech and media on people in towns and cities etc.);

  • Linguistic research (including social linguistics, computing linguistics, neurolinguistics, psychological linguistics, cognitive linguistics, etc.)

  • Research in the field of synthesis of arts and sciences, including research in the field of creative industries, design and cultural studies.



10 months - October 01, 2015 - July 31, 2016 (5 grants)
6 months - October 01, 2015 - March 31, 2016 (2 grants)
3+ months - October 01, 2015 - December 31, 2016 (5 grants, extension is possible depending on the result)

Sholokhov University Support for international program participants comprises:

  • An official invitation;

  • Medical insurance (standard medical policy);

  • Travel expenses cover (arrival at the beginning of the program and departure at the end of the program - by bus, rail or air flight (economy class);

  • Accommodation in an individual comfortable room in a suburban complex RIAS Sholokhov University located in Moscow suburbs;

  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on RIAS venue;

  • Foreign researchers have Sholokhov University visa issuing support;

  • Scholarship for the period of stay in RIAS -

Russian participants - 56,400 (fifty-sixth thousand four hundred) Rub/month;
Foreign participants - 70,000 (seventy thousand) Rub/month.

Program languages: Russian, English;

Applicants qualifying claims:

  • Academic degree - Candidate of Sciences/Doctoral degree (for foreign participants - PhD);

  • Publications in journals WEB of SCIENCE and / or SCOPUS

Russian and foreign experts participating in the project, will have a unique opportunity to carry out their research by a Sholokhov University grant, being a part of an international team working in a multidisciplinary scientific community.

RIAS provides all the necessary conditions for research, information and library support, opportunities for publications, as well as assistance in obtaining patents and inventions licenses.

An international program participating claims:

  • Publications in journals WEB of SCIENCE and / or SCOPUS (issuing 2 articles every 3 months of program);

  • Teaching an elective course for Sholokhov University students (for 6- and 10-month program grant holders the subject of their elective course is on request, the amount of the course - 36 and 72 academic hours, respectively);

  • delivering public lectures / workshops on the project theme (for 3-month program grant holders);

  • Development and holding of at least one (1) seminar in RIAS and participation in the program of interdisciplinary seminars held on RIAS venue;

  • Participating in the preparing of contest applications for grants of Russian and foreign funds.

Application Deadline: until June 15, 2015, 12:00 Moscow time

The application is filed in electronic form on RIAS website (gray button to the right "Take part in the competition").

Expert assessment of applications

Expert evaluation is carried out by RIAS experts until end of June, 2015:

Evaluation results will be published by July 15, 2015 on the RIAS website:

More information about Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS) Sholokhov University, the results of previous contest programs, RIAS events, as well as the electronic application form for participation in the competition is available on the website


RIAS Director
Galina Kuznetsova


Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS)
Tel: +7(495)915-5533

CONTEST for scientific research funding (grants) in 2015-2016 (*.pdf [342 Kb])


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