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Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture


Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture is one of the biggest preparation and further training centres for specialists in the field of culture and arts, the leader of humanitarian and creative education in Russia.

Being founded in 1918, Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture is famous for its history, having made its way from a special institute for preparation of alternative provision workers and instructors to the university.

Today the faculties, chairs and training facilities of the university annually provide study for thousands of students. The students are admitted to bachelor's, master's and specialist's educational programmes. Within the post-graduate course of the university preparation of scientifical and pedagogical staff is processed, and thesis boards work.

There are 7 faculties, 2 training facilities, 39 chairs in the university structure. Students self-administration is actively developed in the university.

Modern technologies are actively included in the educational process, multimedia technical and software tools are used. The study work is processed in close collaboration with cultural institutions, joint information resources are formed (virtual museum, automatized library- and-information system)with some leading libraries and museums of Saint-Petersburg.

One of the most important lines in the work of the university is artistic and creative activity. Considerable part of students and teachers is included into scores of creative teams, studies, laboratories, participates actively in concert activity, festivals, contests.

The university has always been popular with foreign students. Conditions are provided for successful learning, and leasure activities are well-organized. Within its lifetime the university has prepared a great number of specialists, creative workers, managers in different fields of artsand culture. It's been a place of study and probation for specialists from countries of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Baltic region, China, Japan, countries of Central America, Northern and Central Africa. The university was awarded with the Order of Peoples' Friendship for considerable contribution to cultural development of the country.


    Bachelor's Programmes:
    51.03.06 Library and information activity
    51.03.03 Social and cultural activity
    43.03.02 Tourism
    53.03.02 Musical and instrumental art
    53.03.05 Conducting
    52.03.08 Choreography
    51.03.02 Folk Art Culture
    53.03.04 Folk singing
    51.03.05 Production of theatre performances and festivals
    53.03.06 Musicology and applied musical art
    53.03.01 Variety art
    51.03.04 Museology and protection of cultural and natural inheritance objects
    51.03.01 Culturology
    50.03.03 History of arts
    54.03.04 Restauration
    54.03.01 Design

Master's Programmes:

    51.04.06 Library and cultural activity
    51.04.03 Social and cultural activity
    43.04.02 Tourism
    53.04.01 Musical and instrumental art
    53.04.02 Folk Art Culture
    53.04.04 Conducting
    53.04.03 Folk singing
    51.04.05 Production of theatre performances and festivals
    53.04.02 Singing
    53.04.06 Musicology and applied musical art
    51.04.04 Museology and protection of cultural and natural inheritance objects
    51.04.01 Culturology
    50.04.03 History of arts
    54.04.04 Restauration
    54.04.01 Design

Specialist's Programmes:

    55.05.01 Cinema and television direction
    52.05.01 Acting
    52.05.02 Theater direction (stage direction)

Doctoral Programmes:

    09.06.01 Information systems and processes
    39.06.01 Social sciences
    44.06.01 Education and educational sciences
    45.06.01 Linguistics and literature
    47.06.01 Philosophy, ethics and religious studies
    50.06.01 History of arts
    51.06.01 Cultural sciences

Foreign citizens can master Russian language during the access course in Linguistic Educational centre on the basis of the chair of foreign languages.

In the university one can get professional retraining, master new qualifications, get additional education.


    - 6campuses;
    - library;
    - canteen;
    - comfortable hostel - every floor is equipped with a kitchen, recreation room, classes for individual training, supplied with musical instruments. The hostel has a library, free internet, caffee, small laundry-room, fitness room at its disposal;
    - there is a cross function sports centre at the territory of one campus;
    - security - access control arrangements;
    - external relations department provides:

      Х acceptance of preliminary admissions;
      Х consulting foreign citizens on study issues;
      Х visa support;
      Х migration registration;
      Х medical insurance.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture
invites creative talented and ambitious people to study!

Oficial website:

External relations department:
Phone: +7 (812) 318-97-65

Admissions office:
Phone: +7 (812) 312-95-21

Source: Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture

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