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TSU students from different countries painted birdhouses with national colors and ornaments


On April 23 the event "Under the student wing" was launched in the TSU dormitory Parus ("Sail"). International students TSU from China, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Belgium, Mongolia and Syria painted birdhouses, showing all their imagination and national character.

This event was held by the Russian Club, created by students of Faculty of Philology to assist international students in adaptation and learning Russian.

- This event allows our guests from other countries to learn better Russian traditions and culture, - said Lydia Dmitrieva, Deputy Dean for Educational Work of Faculty of Philology. - Also, international students will learn more about the animal world of Russia and will have the opportunity to show their talents.

Many international students painted birdhouses with flags of their countries. For example, a student from Mongolia Byanbazhav Tsagaanbilet wrote the old Mongolian script, painted the flag of Mongolia and Russia, and has not forgotten about the motto "TSU is the entire world!".

Shang, a student from Vietnam, painted birdhouse with sea:

- University is a great place where you can show all your talents. But I still miss my homeland, so I wanted to paint the sea.

The work lasted about three hours, hands of all the participants were colored, but it's only provoking guys to do their job as brightly as it possible. At the end of the evening Indu, a student from India noted:

- Today, I had the opportunity not only to demonstrate my abilities, but also had a great evening and fun with friends, and this is the most important thing!

After all, the birdhouses will be hanging out, and the next stage of the competition will start. It will be the voting: you can choose the best one in the group of the event.


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