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International students of TSU's Faculty of Philology became the winners of the Online Festival of Friendship


Each year, Moscow State University holds the international Online Festival of Friendship "I do not know another country of this kind…" ("Ya drugoi takoi strany ne znaiu…"), in which is participate students (undergraduate and graduate), PhD candidates, and interns who study Russian as a second or foreign language. International students of TSU's Philology Faculty take part in the Festival each year, and this time three international students became winners.

The Festival has two stages: the qualifying stage when students wrote an essay on the topic "The city where I study" and the final. Each university chooses the winners (1-3 people) from the qualifying stage and sends their work to the Organizing Committee. The final stage of the Festival takes place as an online presentation in the form of a parade, "I go, walk across Russia." Participants from the largest Russian universities prepared songs, poems and stories about the Russian cities where they study or which they were able to visit.

Three students studying at the Philology Faculty reached the final stage of the Festival: Nyum Thi Van Anh (Vietnam, postgraduate student), Li Sue (China, 3rd year student), Indu Shekhar (India, postgraduate student). Li Sue sang a song about Tomsk, and Nyum Thi Van Anh and Indu Shekhar read poems about Tomsk. All three finalists at the end of the final stage of the Festival were winners.

- Despite the fact that the competition is held during the session, students are happy to participate in it, - said Svetlana Faschanova, a specialist working with international students. - This year's competition theme was related to the city in which international students and graduate students study, and our students were very serious in the selection of poems and songs about Tomsk. After the final round, they told me that now they will always sing the song about Tomsk that was performed by Li Sue, because it is very beautiful and lyrical. And also they added: "When we grow old, we will read a poem by Vladimir Kogan 'The city of our youth', to our children and grandchildren, so that they will come to study in Tomsk".

The final round of the Online Festival of Friendship will gather 95 representatives of 30 countries, including Angola, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Germany, Iceland, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Peru, Thailand, UK, Vietnam and Zambia.


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