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Ukhta State Technical University


"Ukhta State Technical University" is one of the largest multi-specialty technical universities on the European North of Russia, a representative of Oil and Gas University Community, which history started with opening of study support center of Moscow Oil and Gas Industry Institute named after I. M. Gubkin in Ukhta in 1958. Afterwards, on 22nd March, 1967, it became Ukhta Industry Institute. On 14th April, 1999, it got a university status. Later according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science from 23rd June, 2011, the university was reorganized into an university complex by joining Ukhta industrial-economical forestry college and Ukhta mining & oil college.

For years of its work the university prepared over 35 000 specialists for oil and gas, geological, forestry industries. Today there are around 10 000 students at USTU. In the institutes there are 405 lecturers, among whose 55 professors, Doctors of Science, 200 associate professors, Doctors of Philosophy. Among them there are 31 Academy fellows and 4 corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences, 6 honored workers of the Komi Republic, 71 honored workers of higher education of the Russian Federation, 8 honored workers of higher school of the Russian Federation.

Four Institutes (Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas Production and Pipeline Transportation, Institute of Civil Building and Engineering, Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology, Institute of Advanced Training) prepare specialists of all degrees of higher education (Bachelor, Master, Specialist) in 32 specialties; postgraduate students - in 19 specialties. One institute (Institute of Industry) combines Mining & Oil College, Industrial College and Industrial Economic Forestry College and trains specialists of secondary vocational education. The university also contains Institute of post-graduate education - independent attestation center of personnel (for specialists and management of companies).

In the towns of Vorkuta and Usinsk there are USTU branches. In 2011 the university was enlarged by adding Center of personnel training of JSC "Gazprom transgaz Ukhta" and Institute department "Pechornipineft", which provides design and exploration work.

Activities of USTU educational-scientific innovative complex are defined by new strategic development directions of the university:

  • Ecological safety and reliability of oil and gas structures;
  • Development of oil and gas condensate and oil fields with problematic oil resources;
  • Physics and mathematical modeling in Sciences about the Earth;
  • Development and perfecting tools and technologies of rational development of forestry resources in a climate of the Far North.

Strategic directions form activities of 12 educational research schools of the university.

At university there is a net of academic and scientific and production centers, research and project institute of oil and gas, Komi regional department of Russian Academy of Sciences. Annually over ten research conferences and seminars take place at university, including forums of all-Russian and international levels.

USTU cooperates with all companies of oil and gas industry of the Komi Republic, also with various companies of ore mining, forestry, construction industries.

Furthermore, the university provides a large international work in two main directions: following educational programs with enhanced studying of foreign languages and cooperation with foreign universities. The university keeps partner terms with educational authorities of Germany (University of Regensburg), Czech Republic (High school of business, Ostrava), Norway (University of Bodø), Finland (Arctic University of Rovaniemi and University of Oulu), Republic of Malta (School of the English language), the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Hungary, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.

USTU has 15 educational and laboratory buildings, 14 dormitories, a large sci-tech library, a progressive publishing and printing base, a gross sport complex, an excellent prophylactic sanatorium, a recreation camp, an educational-geodesic base, scientific-experimental oil field, a scientific-experimental forestry farm. Good traditions of the university are presented in the USTU history museum and educational-geological museum named after A. Y. Krems.

The university is an absolute leader in sport competitions among universities of the Komi Republic. Brilliant victories of its significant sportsmen are known not only in Russia, but also abroad. For years of university work around a hundred masters of sports were prepared, among them there are masters of sports of international level, championships of Russia, Europa, the world, participants and prize winners of the Olympic games. The basketball team "Planet University" plays in the Premier League of Russian championships. In 2012 a new women's hockey team "Arctic University" was found.

With great interest USTU students take part in a humanitarian project "Constellation of clever clubs", which includes 8 leisure student units. There are numerous creative teams, which represent the university on competitions and festivals of town, republican, all-Russian and international levels with dignity.

The youth dance team "United BIT" is the world champion in hip hop dance, the champion of Russia in Northwestern Federal District in fitness-aerobics, the best hip hop team of Russia regarding the results of 2011, a world cup winner in street show. A student theater-studio "Freski", ensembles of ballroom and folk dance are winners of republican competitions, prize winners of international festivals, participants of all-Russian dance organization.

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