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KFU Grant contest - new opportunities for post-graduate students


Grant contest for post-graduate students, entering on a contract basis, was opened in Kazan Federal University in May, 2014. The most promising applicants from Russian and abroad would have been approved by the results of the contest.

The contest is important and interesting for those students who are concerned not only with research activities but who tend to implement their ideas into life. The contest opens new potentials for those who develop their research expertise in the following areas:

  • Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics
  • Oil production, oil refining and petrochemistry
  • Infocommunications
  • Advanced materials

The Grant covers:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation (KFU's international level dormitory)
  • Monthly stipend
  • Russian language courses (for foreign citizens only)

Admission campaign opens on June, 30th. Application deadline - August, 1st. Admission tests will be held in August, 11th to 27th. Applicants can track results of the tests through their personal accounts on KFU web-site.

Advantages of post-graduate studies in Kazan Federal University.

  • First of all, these are faculty members and scholars for whom KFU is a native university and their names are famous throughout the world, not only in Russia. These are foreign Doctors of Scientists from those countries that develop KFU's priority research areas. Past-graduate students will receive invaluable knowledge, working under the guidance of world-known scientists.
  • 103 scientific and 170 educational laboratories equipped with the state of the art technologies.
  • Potential to get a job in one the world's largest companies - strategic partners of KFU.
  • Opportunity to defend a thesis in one of the 25 KFU Dissertational Councils.
  • Another important advantage is an access to University's information system in an electronic format. Kazan Federal University purchases an access to electronic resources of the leading foreign and Russian publishers and aggregators on a regular basis (digital library of theses, electronic collection Elseiver, abstract database Scopus, etc.).
  • Free accommodation in the best wstudent campus in Russia "Universiade Village"

Kazan University celebrates its 210 anniversary this year. Over the years world-known personalities in science, literature, arts have studied here:
Y. Zavoiski, L. Tolstoy, S. Aksakov, I. Simonov, P. Melnikov-Pechersky, V. Khlebnikov, M. Balakirev and many others.

Kazan is a hospitable city that can compete with any European capital in infrastructure development and clean environment. Kazan is a city that unites different confessions.
Kazan will become your home. Kazan Federal University will open new opportunities to you and will help to make your dreams come true.

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